About - DTA

DTA was established in London in 1961 as a professional partnership to work throughout Europe in the following fields:

  • Design and implementation of business systems using modern scientific management techniques, e.g. operations research, business models, systems analysis, mathematical formulae and computer systems.
  • Design and implementation of advanced computer orientated systems, e.g. fast response (real-time) systems, and information and engineering systems having a high technical content; also process control systems.
  • Design and production of special purpose hardware and software, e.g. control and telecommunications electronics, interfaces for terminals and other peripherals linked to central processors, and microelectronics.

Since then, we have successfully completed over 95 major assignments - and numerous lesser ones - including complete responsibility for one of the most advanced commercial real-time computer installations in Europe. Work has been undertaken in the UK, France, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Operations are based primarily in the UK where offices, laboratories and residential staff are based. Our business has principally developed through personal recommendation, as well as repeat work from previous satisfied clients. This approach has enabled us to achieve a steady rate of growth, as well as being, we believe, an indicator for measuring our high level of competence, and our professional standing. It is not our intention to become a large organisation, but to be of sufficient size to operate efficiently without reducing our high standards already established.

It has also always been our practice that all Directors and Partners are practising computer specialists and that we maintain a minimum supporting administration.

Currently the senior partner is:
John P G Hall

Email: Tel: (+44) 0844 804 3055
4 Clifton Lawn,RAMSGATE, CT11 9PB, UK